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I'm Rose Beauchamp, an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator dedicated to helping others flourish.


I combine communications and training expertise with an understanding of business problems and the realities of leadership. I’ve been a brand manager and a strategy consultant, and for over a decade I led McKinsey’s client communications group in the UK and Europe. I was twice named one of McKinsey’s most inspirational UK leaders.

My work focuses on helping people lead and engage others with confidence and success, especially at key moments in their careers - for example, stepping into a new role, sharing a new vision, bringing a team together for the first time, influencing important stakeholders or managing people during times of change.

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Group training

I design and deliver practical, engaging and tailored training to help your team build leadership and communication skills.

1:1 coaching

I am a qualified coach accredited with the International Coaching Federation.

I help individuals build communication skills and confidence. I also provide general executive coaching.


I design and facilitate high-impact team-building sessions and workshops to help you strengthen relationships and get results. 

"Rose was really engaging and inspiring. I enjoyed all the sessions she led and how she shaped the learning to the audience"

Training participant

"Very open, warm and helpful person. A huge thankyou for your time and help in finding my way"

Coaching client

"The advice was fantastic and really actionable! Great style: listening, constructive, addressing individual needs. Very clear, very easy to understand."

Training participant


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