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Group training

My starting point for all training is that the content must be directly relevant and useful in people’s real work – and the learning experience should be engaging, challenging, and enjoyable.

Shaped to suit you

​I develop individual training workshops and multi-module programmes to suit my clients’ specific context and needs. I don’t insist on a ‘set menu’. 

Training can be delivered either online or in person (or a mix of both). Sessions can vary in length from 90 minutes to a full day, depending on the level of detail you wish to cover. 


I work with you to tailor the content to the participants’ context, experience, and development goals, using real examples and realistic scenarios to practise the skills.


I build in plenty of opportunities for participants to ask questions and share their experiences and tips with each other.

I provide training on a broad range of leadership and communication skills, including:

  • Presenting effectively (in person and online)

  • Increasing personal impact in meetings

  • Top-down communication

  • Designing and facilitating effective meetings

  • Feedback and coaching

  • Influencing

  • Handling tough conversations

  • High-impact slide design

  • Understanding and working with different personal styles (e.g. using MBTI or CAPP Strengths Profile)

  • Managing people through change

  • Leadership storytelling

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