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Grow and flourish

1:1 communication coaching

My communications coaching focuses on building confidence as well as skills.

I believe in helping clients identify and harness their individual strengths – not trying to force-fit them into a particular style.

​Common topics clients ask me to help them with include: increasing personal presence in meetings, presenting effectively, top-down communication (in writing and speaking), influencing, feedback, and how to handle tough conversations and challenging questions.  

Executive coaching

I work with individuals to help them explore and achieve their goals - personal and professional.

I tailor my approach to the human I'm working with. I focus on listening, understanding, and supporting each client in the way that works best for them. 

How it works

Each coaching programme starts with a chemistry session where we discuss the client’s goals and how we will work together, including managing confidentiality and how to assess progress. I’m happy to flex both the frequency and duration of sessions to suit the individual.​ 


The specific approach we take in each session is tailored to, and agreed with, the coaching client.

As an example, during a typical communications coaching programme we:

  • Look at the feedback the client has received and any challenges they face.

  • Identify practical strategies and tactics to increase their impact, building on what already works for them.

  • Practice specific situations and rehearse different approaches. I share plenty of tips and tricks, from techniques used by professional actors to warm up the voice, to specific tweaks in wording based on linguistic and neuroscientific research, and practical business experience.​

  • Explore the mindsets that lead to success, and look at how to frame or design situations so the client can both feel and display confidence. For example, nervous presenters often find it helpful to start by asking their audience a question, giving themselves time to breathe and settle in. In addition to the 1:1 sessions, I share useful articles and videos where relevant.

Sometimes it’s valuable for me to observe the client in action, by sitting in on a meeting or viewing a recorded presentation and providing feedback. If we agree that this is both useful and feasible within the boundaries of confidentiality, we can add this to the coaching programme.​

By the end of the coaching programme you will have clarity on how to achieve your goals.

​You will be more confident and effective, with a set of techniques that you’ve practised and know work for you.
You will understand your strengths and know how to play to them.  

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